Saturday, August 9, 2008

Round Up: Beijing Architecture in the News

You can not escape Beijing in the news these days, thanks to the Olympics. I'm having a hard time keep up with all of it. Unfortunately they all say the same thing. Architecture articles focus on how incredibly brilliant the Bird's Nest is (and it is), how western architects are creating an architectural extravaganza out of Beijing(they are), and how many hutongs, or vernacular structures of Beijing, are being eradicated to make way for the new structures. Articles on the games or the opening ceremonies tend to be a discussion of China's authoritarian government with a sentence or two about how incredible the ceremony itself was (and it was).
This is kind of a meta-post--a post that is merely a collection of all the posts and articles on Beijing architecture and urbanism I've come across recently. It's interesting to me--probably never in the history of the Olympics has there been such fanfare about the architecture of both the Olympic Venues and also the new architecture of the rest of the city as well.

New York Times
Bird's Nest Article
Bird's Nest Slideshow
Opening Ceremony Article
Opening Ceremony Slideshow
Hutong Article
Hutong Slideshow
Architecture Monuments Article
Architecture Monuments Interactive
Ai Wei Wei Interview: Pretend Smile

LA Times
On the Building Boom
On Ethics
On the Urban Makeover
On Chinese Architects

New Yorker
Out of the Blocks
Forbidden Cities
Situation Terminal
Slideshow on Bird's Nest

Vanity Fair
From Mao to Wow!

The Guardian
Secrets of the Bird's Nest
From the Highrise to the Hutong
Behind the Scenes in Beijing
Interview with Ai Wei Wei
Olympic Hubris: Comparison between Beijing '08 and Berlin '36

Seattle Times

Smog and Architecture

Subtopia: Olympic Distraction
Subtopia: Great Wall 6
Anarchitecture: Cooling China
Anarchitecture: Paying with the Bird's Nest
URB: Beijing Snapshot

der Spiegel
Interview with HdeM
Interview with Koolhaas

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