Thursday, August 28, 2008

China Postcard

China Postcard, originally uploaded by o d b.

Hello from China!
Beijing Welcomes You!
and Dave does too.
the weather is beautiful (sometimes)
the scenery is nice
the people are friendly
what happens in BJ stays in BJ!
until it gets exported
wish you were here


Bubba said...

Dave and Mark, whats up. It's Bubba from C-town. I miss you guys. Okay so I must chime in to laud the beauty and serenity of a non urban environment. I am not talking about suburbia, which just sucks. I speak of the simple and responsible living that exists in truly rural areas, like Trinity, Texas where I live. My main point is to point out that we all enjoy a truly natural (or close to natural) setting such as atop a mountain or hiking through a forest. Every time I am privileged enough to go to one of these places, I am reminded of the clarity of thought and spiritual fulfillment I feel.

However, I must admit I do love the cities as well. I admire their efficiency and diversity, plus they have way better food.

Anyway, when you come to the states, come visit me out in Tejas. It is awesome to see you having such a good time and utilizing your talents in a way that will challenge and reward you. (I am also secretly in love with Robin Brown.) I thought this might be a good forum to bring that out.

Later you guys,


Dave Brown said...

bubba you leave my mom out of this! but, seriously though, who doesn't love robin brown? i know i do.

i love nature too by the way. i'm not a nature hater!

i'm going to go enjoy some of that good city food now. it's chowtime!

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