Sunday, October 19, 2008

art progeny: Kapoor + GMC = Tunnel House

Anish Kapoor and Gordon Matta Clark (brought back from beyond?) have recently given birth to an artistic love child known as Tunnel House, by artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. This transfigured suburban home is now the coolest house on anyone's block. Architects everywhere, including myself, are jealous that they didn't come up with it first, as this is the most subversive act in housing history, or at least since Matta-Clark was chain sawing similar structures in half back in the early 70's. All architects could come up with was putting them up on stilts or making them out of glass.

Here is a description from 'art league press':
Havel and Ruck will create a large funnel-like vortex beginning from the west wall adjacent to Montrose Blvd. The exterior skin of the houses will be peeled off and used to create the narrowing spiral as it progresses eastward through the small central hallway connecting the two buildings and exiting through a small hole into an adjacent courtyard.

all pics via this site. the project was originally seen on io9 a couple of months back.

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